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Name:Haley Moore
Birthdate:May 10, 1982
Location:California, United States of America

Haley Moore, Supernatural OC

Name: Haley Lee Moore
Nicknames: Hales (to those close to her)
Birthdate: May 10th, 1982
Family: Parents (deceased), Sister - Jessica Moore (deceased)
Friends: Sam Winchester (best friend), Dean Winchester (boyfriend)
Occupation: Had beeen studying English Literature & Language at Stanford Univeristy.

Haley Lee Moore was born May 10th, 1984. To those closest to her she is affectionately called "Hales."

Haley had been living in Palo Alto, California, sharing an apartment with her sister, Jessica and Sam Winchester, her sister's boyfriend of 18 months. Their lives forever changed on the night of November 2, 2005 when Haley had kissed her little sister goodnight as she waited for Sam's return from a trip with his brother not realising that this would be the last time she would see her alive.

She'd gotten into a routine of waking up at least once during the night to grab herself a glass of milk and the night of her sisters death was no different. Haley would check in on Jessica before making her way back to her bedroom, tonight however the sight she'd be welcomed with would forever be etched onto her brain. Jessica pinned to the ceiling and her stomach sliced open.
In a state of blind panic not knowing what she's doing Haley had climbed on top of Jessica and Sam's bed, curling herself in a ball. This had been the position Sam found his best friend in upon his return. Leaning over to awake Haley a drop of blood drops on his bed, Jessica suddenly bursting into flames as Haley regains consciousness.

Grieving for Jess and wishing to avenge her death Haley joins Sam on his 'mission' to take down the Demon who murdered her sister.


Inspired by the ending of an amazing video xfallenfaeriex over @ youtube. Be sure to check out her videos as I guarantee you'll be extremely pleased.

Haley is an original character with origins in the One Tree Hill fandom who will mainly roleplay in the Supernatural fandom.
Neither Haley or her mun are Bethany Joy Lenz, her PB.
Muse and mun over 18.

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